Embark on a Sonic Odyssey with Maximum Pressing Systems, a trailblazer in vinyl record manufacturing technology. Our company stands at the forefront of the music industry’s analog renaissance. We specialize in designing and crafting Pressing units, ensuring unparalleled precision and efficiency in pressing high-quality vinyl records with a remarkable force of 180 tons. Beyond our cutting-edge technology, Maximum Pressing Systems is not just a company; we are the heartbeat of the vinyl revival, bringing tradition and innovation together for an extraordinary sonic journey. Elevate your musical experience with the expertise that defines us—Maximum Pressing Systems, where every groove tells a story. 🎶

Record Press

Prepare to be swept away by the epitome of vinyl record manufacturing excellence – our game-changing 150-tonVinyl Record Pressing Machine! It doesn’t just set the standard; it defines the standard in the analog renaissance of the music industry. Brace yourself for a relentless force of innovation and precision.


Vinyl Extruder

Unleash the power of innovation and redefine the art of vinyl production with our Plastic Extruder System for Record Press. This revolutionary system is not just a game-changer; it’s a paradigm shift that catapults the music industry into a new era of sonic perfection.


Vinyl Record Trimmer

Step into the limelight of vinyl record production with our revolutionary Vinyl Record Trimming System—an absolute game-changer that commands attention and perfects every note! This cutting-edge marvel steals the show as it takes center stage, transforming the raw potential of pressed vinyl into the flawless, iconic discs cherished by music enthusiasts worldwide.